Saturday, 7 April 2012

Oh happy day!

Nothing to do with writing or books...

Two months ago our oldest cat Tom disappeared. At twelve years old we surmised he'd probably passed away somewhere. I hasten to add that we did look and knock on doors but no one had seen him - he's a big black and white cat yet somehow invisible as only cats can be! : )
Anyway, yesterday as I opened the door to let our last cat in for dinner (4 cats down to 1) who should be sitting on the doorstep but a much slimmer Tom! Took me a minute to take in I was actually seeing him! : ) He was quite a fat cat - active but still fat - and now we can feel his ribs and all that belly flab that almost reached the ground is gone. He's alive though and that's what is important.
Not sure what happened to him but the fact that he won't stay in a room on his own makes me think he got trapped somewhere and has spent the last few weeks alone. He slept with me last night, something in all his twelve years he's never done. He obviously missed us as much as we missed him!

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